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The following scripts were created for an animated webisode series titled


When high school art student, Iris, finds a mysterious sketchbook that brings art to life, she juggles between keeping it a secret and avoiding her arch-nemesis Darcy's bullying antics, while trying to survive high school.



Episode One - The Book

Iris is a shy girl with an intense passion for art. When a street magician gives her an engraved sketchbook, she thinks nothing of it until her first drawing comes to life. 


Episode TwoDon't Freak Out

Iris's favorite drawing, Jp, is alive and walking around her bedroom. With no way to explain his existence, she knows she has to keep him hidden, especially from her mom and best friend Callie. But after a rough day,  Iris realizes keeping JP hidden is no longer an option.

Untitled_Artwork 2_edited_edited.png
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