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The three stories below were Inspired by "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" 

and created to target the younger audience according to their age group.

Youthful Fiction


"The Sweetest Hollow"

Picture Book | 32 pages 
Age Group 0-6

The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow gets a sugary twist that is sure to bring cavities as you read.

"Girls Run the Hollow"

Short Story | 3,352 words
Age Group 8-12

On the anniversary night of the Sleepy Hollow massacre, Katrina, a gregarious girl, Tired of being overlooked and pushed aside by her brute cousin Brom, and his timid, best friend Ichabod. devises a plan to get some much-deserved payback. 

Untitled_Artwork copy_edited.png
Graveyard Crow _edited.jpg

"Hollow Snatcher"

Short Story | 4,370 words
Age Group 12-18

An introverted boy named Ichabod has just moved to the small, creepy town of Sleepy Hollow, unaware of the dark evils that live beneath the soil.

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