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"Honor amongst thieves"

Urban fiction | 935 words

Rio and Mitch, brothers in crime, attempt to pull off the biggest art heist to shake the Boston streets.

"So, This is Family?"

Urban drama | 3,042 words

Marcus is a quiet young man who just inherited his late grandmother's company and estate. But when he realizes that the company is about to go bankrupt, he must figure out a way to stop it and find out who is responsible. 

"The Darkness inside"

Urban Suspense | 2,523 words

A voracious serial killer's dark past comes back to haunt him, re-awakening the vile darkness deep inside of him. 

Freeworld: 3052

Research Document | 2,743 words

This "Story Bible" is a reference document and style guide that establishes the standards for the writing, design, and production for the film, TV Series, and animation known as Freeworld: 3052. It details and outlines the characters, culture, history, landscape, and other aspects of the story's "world" and would be used by the writers and production crew on Freeworld: 3052 to maintain continuity and consistency over the course of the project.

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