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Urban Comedy | 21 pages

Melody is an eccentric young writer desperate for a new idea, so she can make the bestseller's list. With no idea where to begin her story, she seeks out inspiration and finds it from an unexpected source.

"Something to Keep"

Urban Drama | 10 pages

 An overgenerous woman named Lauren, breaks a promise to her self-centered sister Candace, forcing Candace to do the unthinkable.


Urban drama | 7 pages

 retired from his treacherous drug-dealing lifestyle, a cold-hearted, Biggs just wants to live the rest of his life in peace, but Karma has other plans.

"No Where to Run"

Opening Cutscene for a Game | 2 pages

 No Where to Run follows an open-world journey of redemption and revenge. This opening cutscene begins with Xavier, storming out of the house after an intense argument with his wife, only to become witness to an execution-style murder committed by the ruthless, drug-lord, Nicolas Van Sharpe.

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